18 January 2011


My Jerry's eldest son is an artist and this is one of this past Christmas's presents.  It's a very limited edition print {only fourteen, all of which are within the family}.  It's called "Son's Potential".  I wrote about it before, a few weeks back.  I apologize for the glare, but hopefully you can see clearly enough anyway.  To the right, there is the profile of his baby boy' sleeping face.  Swirling thru his brain and extended behind him is the planetary system, with the sun down in the lower left corner.  The universe of possibilities, captured.

Here's the latest project I'm working on.  You can't see the actual shape of what is to be yet, but as it is completed, I'll take more pix so that you can see.

It's double crochet, using color changes.   Tapestry methods carry the unused yarn within the stitches {I did that for some areas where the color change was simply too few stitches to not do so}.  Intarsia methods tend to let the unused color hang behind {I did this for some areas where the color change involves too many stitches to comfortably carry unused yarn}.

This is a flowing piece, with nice drape.  Tapestry tends to be done with a stiffer stitch and a gauge that reflects tightness.  Intarsia can be a bit of a mess, and every example I've seen of this online shows a back that is a snarled unattractive shame.  Altho what you see here is the front, the back looks pretty much the same.  I'll post pix later of both the front and back, so that you can see that the finished afghan can be used with no regard to which side is which.

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  1. I do love the pic and I do hope the crocheted piece is appreciated when done. I know the great amount of work in it already. Can't wait to see the finished product!


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