25 June 2006

Ya know, cuz I know, you wanna know

Today was the first time I visited Annie's journal, as she left a link in the comments of my "cho's" entry.  Annie is currently located in Scranton, Pennsylvania (I checked her lil map thing).  Plus it's in one of her answers to a question in the meme (I'll get to that later).  I am familiar with Scranton, and I'm fairly sure that the map (flicker?) placed it a bit too far north, so that the town looks suspiciously close to upper NY state.  Personally, I think most anything involved with the proximity of New York is suspicious in some form or another.  I have reasons for this, but this entry is not about my New York experiences, friends, and family members that hail from New York.

I thought that Annie works for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, a southern staple that no law enforcement officer can live without their daily allotment.  But I was mistaken.  That brings the total to eight, as I have been wrong seven times before.  There was an eighth incident, years ago, but it turns out that the OTHER person was mistaken, and so it really only was seven times that I have been wrong, wrong, wrong.

Annie's screen-name is "krspkrmmom" and she notes that she thinks she may have a slight southern accent from dealing with southerners at work.  So, ya know, rather than back track and read the entire journal to gain familiarity with the woman, I just drew conclusions.  Cuz, I like to conclude.

That and her children are not named Krispy nor Kreme.  So, there ya are.  She MUST work for the Do-nut Dudes.

But alack and alas, sigh, not so.  She may have a krispy kreme fetish, or perhaps she worked with them in the past, or it is entirely possible that she has had nothing to do with the do-nuts and chose that screen-name for totally different reasons, unrelated to krisp kreme.  Cuz she works as an operator, for wireless assistance.  schucks, I hate being wrong, sigh.

Anyway, I have seen a meme circulating about and figured when I saw it on her journal that I'd go on and post some of the info, but ya know, as it pertains to me, cuz we all know that it is all about me.  Don't you go bursting my bubble or raining on my parade, now.  Just don't even think about it.

So in part, cuz I have no intention of answering questions that don't pertain, here are some tid-bits about me:

Do I have an accent?  Yes.  Every one thinks so.  Cuz I've moved around lots, over 50 times, and lived all over the country and picked up some of this and some of that as influences on my speech.  So I have a speech that is not attributable to any one particular region.  Friends from the North think that I have a cute southern accent.  Folks from the south squint suspiciously at me (I think cuz PA is next to NY and ya know, THAT'S grounds for suspicion right there), spit and drawl, "ya ain't from round here, girly girl, can't fool me" (which actually is a line from "Fried Green Tomatoes", but Fannie Flagg is from just outside B'ham, AL and most likely heard the line a few times from folks eyeing up them Damn Yankees that insist on visiting and then staying on).  Some of my speech is so painfully northern that it jolts and grates on the ears of those I am with.  Sometimes a southern drawl will creep (and really, how else would a drawl come into speech other than creeping?  zooming?!?  I think not.) in there and lull listeners into Alpha states (I refuse to think that it's boredom that is inducing a near sleep state).

Booze.  Can't do it.  Shouldn't do it.  But on rare occassions, will.  That's usually because I forget the LAST time I embarked on mixing alcohol with meds and genetic predisposition of alcoholism.  sigh.  But since my guy is a recovered alcoholic, I'm not often tempted, cuz it's not like he orders a few brewskis to go with his steak.  Frankly, back when I did drink, beer was not a favorite (tho I would occassionally indulge in Black-n-Tan, Rolling Rock (Latrobe, PA does not mean that the beer should be considered an import like Heinikein but I've several times come across Rolling Rock listed as an import, whilst here in the south, which I'd imagine in a loose interpretation, it is an import, ya know, from another state), Yeungling (my spelling is horrible, I think), and Purple Haze).  Mostly my choice of alcoholic beverages ran along the lines of Maker's Mark, frangelica, and schnapps.  Now, I fondly remember mud-slides and order swe'tea, no ice (most everyone assumes that I ask for no ice, because I am from up north, dudes, that's not it.  but it's not worth arguing over, so if you want to believe that no one north of the mason-dixon uses ice, so be it, delude yourself all you like, it's a fairly harmless little fantasy, indulge), extra lemon.

Detested Cho:  Below is an entry devoted entirely to this area, but in brief, bathing Shaddow.

Pets:  The cho entry and the above topic answers this, but here we go.  I have a three year old rat-cha, Ziggee, who joined my household a year ago.  A rat-cha is a rat-terrier (feist) chihuahua mix.  He is about the size of a small feist, with the markings of a chihuahua.  Ziggee is my cat in a dog suit.  I'm terribly allergic to cats, but adore them.  Shaddow has been with me since she was 2 months old.  She was my first doggie ever.  She's a black lab, small for the breed, big for a dog.  She's soon to be 5.  Sweet, gentle, good girl.

Hometown:  I spent most of my teen years in Catawissa, Pennsylvania.  Currently live above Starkville, Mississippi, going toward Pheba (that's pronounced, FEEE-BEEE).  Been here about 5 years.  Longest any one place ever.

Insomnia:  Yes.  I take meds to help regulate my sleeping patterns and to maintain good sleep hygiene.  Insomnia occurs when manic and mania is heightened by the lack of sleep.  SO it's an ugly, ugly state of affairs if this lil girl doesn't get her sleep.

Living Arrangements:  trailer on a five hundred acre farm, where there are also several other domiciles, including my landlords and one set of their parents.  Very peaceful, no light-pollution (excellent for gazing at the stars, planets, moon; but not all three at the same time, hard to see stars and planets when the moon's light is bright.), dirt gravel road that peters out just down past the milk barn.  Ideal for the pups and me.

Number of sexual partners:  currently, two (me and my guy).  I count me, as a partner, cuz ya know, I don't know how YOU do things, but I like me, and I show it.

Hospital Stays:  For myself, nine, I think.  Once when I was born; strep throat/scarlet fever when I was 8; five day stay for extensive testing due to head-trauma when I was 9 or 10; eye surgery when I was 11 or 12; kidney stones at age 22; thyroidectomy, age 29; head-trauma, 31; head-trauma again 31; and head-trauma yet again at 32.  The head-trauma are partially responsible for current medications.

Phobia:  Well, yes.  One of my diagnoses is Anxiety Disorder, due to the sheer volumeof panic attacks I experience.  Sometimes, I isolate myself to the Farm, because I cannot deal with leaving the house, driving, or crowds at wal-mart when needing food.

Detested Vegetable
:  not fond of grits, but will eat them.  but for the ever loving rationale of my po'brain...who thought, heeeyyyy, pour some lye on these here corn kernels, dissolve the skin, and POOF! hominy.  and why oh why do people still eat this and serve it to others?!?

X-Rays:  yes, multitudes.  mostly for the head-trauma, kidney stones, thyroid, and back.  i've even given them to others, and no, i am not a radiologist no have i even been one, nor have i ever played one on tv.  i even ended up in the ER, because i sustained an electrical shock from a severed x-ray machine cable that was not properly capped.  that's better'n 220 jolt for large appliances and 110v for most household outlets.  i took the entire building's power and phone lines out.  the neighboring police station lost power and it kicked on their emergency generator.  and do you know, the nurse was so beside herself, and the EMT's would have taken way too long to find us out in Sipsey, that I drove myself to the ER?  I signed in and they said, holy shit, we've been alerted, you need to go right back.  good thing there was a chair to whisk me away cuz right about then, my legs gave out, my chest (which had been hurting the entire time) began to swell and redden, my breathing became irratic, and i began to babble incoherently.  it wasn't til i was released, and leaving, that i passed the EMT crew that went to search for me, they couldn't even find the clinic at which I worked and was jolted with x-ray juice.  was a good thing i drove myself, although, the other folks on the road that day might have felt differently.

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  1. grits are a veggie-table?  shoot I have been eatin' mor' veggies than I thunk!  LOL



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