22 June 2006

Ya gotta love them Tennessee folks, ya jest do

A friend of mine was 'splainin some stuffs.  She's from up near Chattanooga and knows lots of them Tennessee folks.  She said that it was in the paper that a guy died and left his entire estate to his beloved widow, but she can't touch it til she's 14.  This was on the same page that said that they was thinking of raising the minimum drinking age to 32, so's they could keep alcohol outta the high schools.  Also, the school board was thinking of showing documentaries in classes so the students'd appreciate some local culture.  They going over the old shows of  "Hee Haw".   They's a new law that says that even after a couple gets divorces, they STILL cousins.

Then she tole me about the near tragedy, it were a shame really.  See the guv'nah's place burnt down 'n' it pert' near took out the whole damn trailer park!  But that wadn't the worst.  The librby was a total loss.  Both books--POOF!  Up in flames, n he hadn't even finished coloring one of em.

sigh, darn shame, twas.

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