05 June 2006

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As you may or may not recall, my guy gave me a year's membership at the gym, as per my request, for Christmas.  January began with my weight at an all-time high, 235 pounds.  eeek!!

I was diligent in my attendance, my workouts, and my swimming.  Days when my body hurt, I was careful to stretch in the warmer water of the hydrotherapy pool.  I continued going to the gym thru the second week of April.  My weight was 215 then.

As the spring progressed, my allergies caused complications.  I felt under the weather, for several weeks.  Finally, I hauled my miserable self into see the GP.

She clucked and chided, and set me on a course of antibiotics.  Not wanting to take a chance of sharing my ill-health or contracting anything due to a lowered immune system that was already being taxed, I avoided the gym and other public places.  It turned out, that antibiotic round didn't do much.

In summary, I had been running a low-grade fever and fighting infection for about six weeks before I finally kicked it.  Then, I went to visit my folks for a spell.  So I'd been away from the gym, and my routine, for about eight weeks.  sigh.

So, my guy came to visit, and we went to the gym for the Sunday afternoon hours.  I slipped into my suitee and slithered in the pool for about an hour and a half.  Yea!!

I missed the pool.  Since I am still awake, and they open soon, I may go get a dip in early today.  Get myself back into the swing of things, so to say.

Oh!  I weigh a little less than I did two months ago, when I left the gym routine.  Yippee!!  Go me!!

So, I am hoping to start slimming down some more.  I cannot believe that June is here already.  pft.

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