17 June 2006

pet peeves

yes, i do have a few.  some were not really meant to become pets, ya know what with all the upkeep, the feeding and tending to pet peeves, they can tend to get rather burdensome.  but, try as i might to take the rational high road (ya know the one that goes something like this:  why be peeved, and let this stuff annoy you?  all it does it annoy you and does not seem to have ANY effect on others.  and it is NOT positive or productive to be annoyed, so let the damn peeve go.  or at the very least, drop it off along some backass dirt and gravel country road...) i seem to still end up saddled with the pet peeves that find their way back into my life.  sigh.  i oughta work on that.

but in the meantime, let me get a few off'n my chestee...

two huge pet peeves which are not mutually exclusive and when they do occur simultaneously require huge amounts of self-restraint on my part not to address the rude pompous assholes directly (THAT road never leads to any constructive sort of end, let alone fostering happy joyous goodwill feelings) are:  lack of cell-phone courtesy and lack of volume control courtesy.

dude, i really do NOT need or want to hear your conversation about how you randomly and thoughtlessly picked a last-minute card that happened to actually be somewhat of a tear-jerking that left your mother sniffling and how your opinion on this was "dude, it was GOLDEN!  I mean, I so did not even read the damn thing and yet mom was all weeping".  not only do i not want or need to hear this bragging to your pathetic frat boy friends, but i really would have appreciated you employing some volume-control courtesy and, although it might be a bit much to ask that you realize that others don't care about your thoughtless gesture, actually kept your voice at conversation level, so that only your water-downed margarita swilling table-mates could enjoy your tale of tastelessness, instead of broadcasting what you apparently thought was a rollicking cackle worthy retelling to the other roomful of diners.  i'm not sure at what volume you feel compelled to speak, but a moderate suggestion is that if i can hear you more than clearly, from across the restaurant, chances are that your guffawing croonies experienced a much more than adequate volume braying voice.


but, even more so, to conduct this conversation (let's just call it like it is, it is not a conversation, it is a monologue of montrosities that should never be aired, let alone in such a fashion as this) on a cell-phone, while in a restaurant, ignoring your supposed-friends who are physically withing your personal vicinity is even more appalling.  this is just a suggestion, again, but technology has advanced quite a bit and no longer do you need to shout into a phone in order to be heard.  chances are the other person has the cell phone implanted in their ear, but if not, shouting is NOT necessary.  also, it is rude to ignore those who are in your company in favor of someone not even present, let alone to share a snicker rather than some important vital piece of information like, "omg, the contractions are how far apart?!?  k, i'll leave RIGHT now..." as you rush out of said restaurant.

i suppose i could go on, but it seems all it would do is irritate and annoy me, while not having the desired effect of prompting some serious introspection along the lines of, gee what a moron i must be for engaging in similar sorts of behavior.  i have a feeling that i am preaching to the choir.  thanks for reading my rant and allowing me to share my pet peeves.

my mother usta ask me while i was observing a screaming spoiled brat who wanted that (toy, candy bar, insert your own item) and you the parent are just the meanest person for not indulging in whims of this nature, and i hate you!!  mom usta say, doncha wish you had 6 just like em?

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