20 June 2006

all choked up, gleefully

Bipolar mood swings can cause vertigo.  All revved up, excited, accomplishing scads, and that feeds into the fast pace, and it all just goes on in a seemingly never-ending vicious cycle, going as fast as I can til I didn't bank and overshot the curve and plummet off the cliff with no drag to slow me down, I now crash as quickly and as hard as I was running on high octane fumes scant moments before.  Then my synapses fire off in some weird combination and I am jolted alive with the frantic need for speed and whoooooooosh! I am off to soar on some random updraft that sucks me into warp overdrive up and up and up and spinning like a dervish, dizzying heights, my eyes on the sky until I'm unbalanced and falling, catapulted into the depths of volitile emotions of rage, frustration, overwhelming euphoria...

Sucks to rapid cycle.

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