22 June 2006

Folks in these here parts

I live in a rural area.  Every now and then we get some real gems complain to the local politicians.  Like the other day, at the town meeting, a woman requested that the Deer Crossing sign be removed from out on Potlicker Road.  She said that they's too many deer hit and kilt and she didn't think it was a safe place for them to be crossing no mo'.

The secretary for one area representative was very irate.  She had plugged the power-strip cord back into itself.  She was returning it, cuz it wasn't working:  her system wasn't coming on.

Her husband is the chief of police.  I'd felt really dumb, cuz I locked my keys in the car.  But he told me to go on and do my grocery shopping, while he jimmied my car open.  When I came out to the parking lot, he was sweating and cussin up a storm, trying to get my driver's door open.  I opened the passenger's side and started to put my groceries in, and he said, "yeah, got that side open in about 2 minutes, it's the driver's side that's giving me problems."

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