11 June 2006

Muggy Mississippi

Earlier today, my guy and I had noticed that the temp was at 100 degrees.  We both have been guzzling water.  So've my doggies.

Tonight, after the sun went down and the heat of the day passed, we went for a walk.  Rather, Ziggee and I walked, a little over a mile.  My guy and Shaddow ran for about two miles.  We all were sweating and panting by the time we were through!

The really good thing for me is that the debilitating lower back pain that made walking so painful in the past, has eased up considerably.  Currently, it does get some sore, but not anywhere close to what it used to be.  I know a large part of that is due to some weight loss, muscle toning, and core strengthening.  It makes it much easier to continue to WANT to be active if I'm not in pain with every step.

We plan to go swimming tomorrow.  I forgot to bring my suitee up to my guy's place, so we got another one.  Now, I have three suits that are the same style, just different colors.  I won't need a new one til I shrink so much that these fall off me!!  And although I am losing weight, I am not doing so at a rapid pace.  So I anticipate that I will not need a new suitee yet this year.  Ya know, unless I go some place and forget to take one of the three I already have!!

Hope you are enjoying the start of your summer!!

Pssst, congrats are in order for BON and Mal Mott...she's coming outta the darkness, into her vibrant self.  Bon, we miss ya!!

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