09 November 2005


It's been over a week since I last posted an entry.  Since then, I've been trained to be a mentor for the Peer to Peer education through NAMI.  Yea!!!

I also was extremely tired last week.  But I had appointments and obligations and things along those lines so I didn't get to get caught up on sleep.  And now, I can't seem to relax enough to go to sleep.  argh.

Saturday, my guy and I went to see his sister and her new baby.  The little guy was so tuckered out, cuz being born is rough stuff, that he snoozed right through all the commotion everybody made with the oooohs and aaaaaaaahs.  My guy and I gave a basket of onesies, sleepers, and bibs.  Oh, and one of those soft and squishee chicks that probably will not make it into the baby's room as every one was coveting it.

When we left Tupelo, we drove down part of the Natchez Trace.  The fall foliage was beautiful.  Lots of folks were out, enjoying the weather.

Then we stopped at The Sweet Potato Festival in Vardaman.  It is a very small town.  I think the fest was really good sized for the area it was in.  There was lots of food, crafts, and games, as well as two performance areas.

On the way back to my place, we stopped at Woodland Furniture.  It is HUGE.  It occupies the buildings which used to house the school system.  There is a big map/directory posted outside the office, near the parking-lot.  We didn't even go through all the buildings.  Mostly we looked at desks and office chairs.

This week has been rushing by...Monday I finally got the flu shot.  Yea!!  I didn't even get a fever.  Sometimes, I get sorta blech for a day or two afterwards, but still it's way better than the flu for me.  When I get the flu, it takes a good 2 or 3 months for me to recuperate.  So it is a good idea for me to get the shot if I can.

Last Friday, I started physical therapy.  Today I had it again, and so will I tomorrow.  Usually it is a Mon-Wed-Fri thing, but my therapist will not be here this Friday.  Which is fine.  I'll have 4 weeks.  We are working on strengthening my lower back, in particular.  Actually, my torso is receiving the full work-out.  So far, it hasn't been too taxing.  I'm hoping that at the end of 4 weeks, I will be able to do some of the exercises at home.  Right now, mostof the therapy is on machines, with weights for resistance.

November is full of friends' birthdays....if you are reading, Brenda, HAPPY BIRTHDAY today the 9th.  My friend up in PA is having her birthday on the 11th, and another PA friend is having his the 17th.

J-Land's own Judy Heartsong is having her's on the 16th.  If I had to choice with whom to share my birthday, it would be her.  So, Happy Birthday to both of us.

Another friend here in MS is having his on the 22nd.  AND MY GUY'S is the 28th.

Of course, Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  In fact, I heard an ad yesterday on the radio for the Christmas Parade that is scheduled for this Friday.  Can you believe it?  I'm so not even ready for the holidays this year.  But ya know what?  They are happening whether I am ready or not.

I haven't seen my parents in a year.  We might get together for Christmas.  But that remains to be seen.  The price of gas has put a crimp into travel plans.  Also, there are other small issues, like the furry critters.  I don't think I want to load up my car with three dogs.  One of whom has a spastic colon, another who does not travel well (he's a little guy and trembles, tucking himself into my chest and trying to burrow under the seatbelt), and although Shaddow travels very well, I think even she would find the space to be cramped.  I'm not sure if my folks could come this way or not.  If they do, they'd have to bring the RV cuz I don't have lots of sleeping room.  Also, mom's cat rules the RV when it is parked here.  My dad's dog gets along well with Shaddow but the other two little guys here haven't met him yet.  Clyde (dad's dog) is very mellow, so I am sure he won't have a problem.  But Ace, my boston terrier, gets to thinking he's big billy bad-ass and sometimes his growling challenges are hard to ignore.

So that's all the news here...


  1. Sure wish I'd gotten a flu shot ... too late ...
    Bon & Mal

  2. Re: your comments:
    Isn't it crazy that, in our country, having already discovered that Prohibition not only didn't solve any problems but made the crime situation much worse, our authorities still think that a "War on Drugs" is a good idea?!? When will they learn?
    Bon & Mal


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