09 November 2005

So yesterday...

Yesterday I'm eating a hearty breakfast of pancakes at the local cafe (which is really a 24 hr diner) and I pick up the local university's student paper.  I see that there are three students pictured holding signs that are imprinted with:  It's not just a food, CHINESE NOW.  Basically, the students would like the Chinese language to be offered as course work at the college.  Hm, not a bad idea.

Then I drift on over to the side-bar and stop slurping my coffee.  My eyes did a rather audible blink, blink and the diner-clatter faded in the background.  What is this I see?  Nooo.  Yes.  Whoa.

"Denver says 'yes' to Pot"

And there were some interesting editorials too about the issue.  One woman focused her entire article on how the legalization would allow taxation and do all sorts of wonderful things for our economy.  Now, these are not original arguments but they are still good points to be made ri'cher in what is a sort of conservative place.

The ironic thing is (well, there are many ironic points, but the one for HERE is) that ri'cher in Starkville, MS we are about to go non-smoking in all public facilities, including bars.  Which I don't see as being entirely incompatible...but it is rather odd that while one area of our fair country is doing one thing, another is seemingly so opposite.

The reason I say seemingly is because one of the other points made was that if pot were legalized, it could be regulated, and harmful additives could be screened out.  Whereas we already know that cigarettes do not have those harmful additives screened out.  So, some have made the case that alcohol and nicotine and caffiene are far worse gateways to hard drug usage than pot.

I'm just saying...

food for thought, good on the mile-high city.

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  1. I've always been concerned about any of the legal entities that would get involved, should marijuana be legalized. They wrought hell with the tobacco industry, I'm not too certain that they'd be content to just grow the plants and package them in their pristine state.

    I only say that because it seems that there's nothing on earth that our good government can't screw up somehow.



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