17 November 2005

I do notice that the daylight hours are shorter and the night spans forever. I know that next month we will reach the apex, and then the days will slowly begin to lengthen and the nights will not suddenly slam the afternoons into midnight blackness.

Thursdays are my Support Group Meeting Days. The last meeting I co-facilitate is over at 3:45p. As I walk to my car, the sun is low in the sky. On the drive home, it sets. By the time I pull up to my mail-box, it is totally dark out.


  1. I have always been very affected by these changes. At least in Florida I can still go out and take walks at night because even though it's dark, at least it's still warm.

  2. I hear ya. New England is usually dark in the late 3s, especially if you're near a lot of tall trees- which, in New England, is everywhere... even the coast (the trees are all to the west, you see).


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