16 November 2005

(couldn't get this to "save" so I am trying to go thru AIM) went to bed feeling too stuffy and warm. This morning, I awoke to a much more frigid dawn then I've seen this entire season.

Could it have just been coincidence that it's my birthday? hm.

If you look closely at my ID, you'll even be able to figure out how old I am now.

dkb 11 16 1970 (cuz all those number run together can get a bit messy)

It wasn't a bad day. There were some very pleasant points. But I was grace itself as per usual. I twisted my ankle three times. The third time, I skinned my bad knee and now it's five lovely shades of black. OOOOOOOhhhh, aaaaaahhhhh.

I'm too old for this falling down stuff. It hurts now. And it takes a long time to mend up from it.

Goodnight to all.


  1. Debra, you can go into your journal using Internet Explorer. Search journals.aol.com; when you get to your journal you'll see your screen name at the upper right. Click on it and a 'Get help' box will appear. Sign in withyour password and you'll be able to perfoem all the functions.
    Happy birthday!
    Bon & Mal

  2. Happy birthday! If you clear your cache and rebuild the adaptor you can save the old way.

  3. I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful birthday...and your knee isn't that hateful shade of green that mine always turn.

    I've been trying like crazy to get over here, but ...well, you know what's been going on, and my dumb ass was right in the middle of some of it, as usual.

    Please forgive this belated wish.  I love you!



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