09 November 2005


Tomorrow is Support Group Day.  Every Thursday is now Support Group Day (I even think in Capitals when thinking of Support Group Day is Thursday).  Tomorrow, I am giving an In Our Own Voice (Living with Mental Illnesses) presentation at the General Support Group in Columbus.  The meetings are held at Community Counseling.  So the administrator has let her staff know that they can choose to attend, but it is not a requirement.  So, I have NO idea how many people will actually be attending tomorrow.

When the holidays approach, when the daylight hours become shortened, when the weather changes, folks become more stressed, less able to motivate themselves to attend things like support groups, and sometimes they cannot even get themselves out of the house at all.  So knowing this, I tried to prepare myself for a decline in attendance, especially as these groups are relatively new.  But it was still disappointing when last week's numbers were down so far.  The only good thing was that it allowed for those folks that did come to really have some quality time discussing the issues that were the most pressing for them at the time.

And really that's what it's all about anyway.

But, I'm a little nervous about tomorrow.  Why?  I'm not sure.  I've no problem with speaking before groups.  I've given this same presentation to Adult Mental Health Care Providers just a few months ago.  So even if all the counselors show up, which is highly doubtful, I'd still know what to say and still be prepared.  But for some reason, I have just a little nervous activity going on in the belly and I'm hoping that goes away with a good night's rest.

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