14 November 2005

time for a check

It does not seem to me to be mid-November already.  The temperatures here have been unseasonably warm.  It's about ten days til Thanksgiving, less than six weeks til Christmas, and one week after that is the New Year.  I'm not sure why I always feel like I should have gotten way more done THIS year than I did.

Although this year has flown by remarkably fast, I feel as though I have done lots this year.  Did I push myself?  At times.

But I am learning my limits, how to accept them, and how to honor them.  For instance, if I am feeling very irritable, I know that being around alot of people is not a good idea.  So scratch the plans to visit Wally's World.

And yes, I do need to be careful and not hibernate the winter away, I do realize that there are days when nappage is required.  I try to meet my needs before they become too pressing.

I've gotten better at self-monitoring.  Sometimes I do miscalculate or simply don't see what is going on within me.  But I do better now than I had.

Speaking of which...it's time for me to toddle off to bed...zzzzzzzzzz

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