10 November 2005

New Doc in Town

Last week, I had a three month follow-up appointment with my psychiatrist.  Well, the old one had left and the new one started the week before my appt.  Some people aren't fond of the man.  But I like his style.

First, he met me on MY level.  He reviewed my diagnoses and discussed them with me.  We talked about the causation of the conditions.  We discussed the current medications and the side-effects.  Then we talked about desired changes and difficulties with the meds I've had.

In part, it is because of the new doc that I feel better, more optimistic about getting the weight under control.  We've changed two of the medications to PRN (take as needed) instead of taking them every day, several times a day.  We also upped my anti-depressant some, as I have been finding it increasingly difficult to actually get out of bed, let alone the house.  I want to hibernate.  THAT's not good.

And what I really like is that we have a plan in place for doing some gradual changes over the next few months that will hopefully help.  In two months, I go back to see the new doc (who won't be "new" then) and if all's well, we are going to switch one of the meds.  That is a very significant change so I hope it all is fine for me.  Then in a couple months after that, we might make another change in the meds.  Then I think I'll just coast for awhile and let it all sink in.

So, having a plan is good.  I feel better.  I feel the doc is interested in what I have to say about my own health care.


  1. I have been finding it increasingly difficult to actually get out of bed, let alone the house.  I want to hibernate.  THAT's not good.

    Oh, Debra, you are sooooo right. We pray that the new doctor and med replacements are effective. We are here to support you if need be.
    Bon & Mal

  2. I like it when you get comfortable with someone, especially someone whose job it is to help you out!


  3. this sounds very good and very positive...... and I am so glad. Consider yourself hugged. judi


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