23 November 2005

bawwwwwk, bawk, bawk, bawk

Since my guy's mother is having dinner on Friday, I decided that he and I could have a little bit of a Thanksgiving Day dinner here tomorrow.  It'll involve a bit of a twist on the traditional dishes, but I'm sure it'll all be good.  One big difference is that my bird will be a chicken.  It's actually a whole-fryer, but I'll probably roast it with potatoes, carrots, and onions.  I'll stuff it, but I'm not sure with what....

I idly mentioned taking something to his mother's for dinner.  He said that we could make pecan pies.  Uhhhhhh...I've never made a pecan pie, but I guess I can follow the instructions on the back of the bottle of Karo syrup.  I was thinking more along the lines of a salad, one that includes whip topping, cream cheese, some fruit, and other wonderfully decadent goodies.

Last year, for his birthday, I made him a turtle-pie.  His favorite cake, caramel, was already served at his mother's on Thanksgiving.  His birthday is the 28th.  What I did was I mixed caramel, chocolate, pecans, milk, cream cheese, whipped topping, and a few other ingredients.  Poured it into a graham cracker shell.  Stuck it in the freezer.   Hmmmmmmm good stuff.

I like his family, although all the women are little.  His one sister is 4'8", his mother is 4'10", and his other sister is 5'.  They are all little itty bitty in weight as well, hovering right around the hundred pound mark.

Compared to them, I am a giant.  I am an substantial goddess of 5'7".  I eat with the big boys.

The very first time I had joined the family for dinner was Christmas of 03.  His sisters were moving about fixing little plates with a smidge of this and smudge of that.  I thought they were making the kids' plates.  Nope.  The kids were happily chowing done, while their moms were eating little teeny tiny portions, moaning about holiday feasts.

I ain't no chicken...I'll be dining with them on Friday.  It's a bit of a challenge not to withdraw from the scene.  Shhhh, our secret.  Don't tell nobody.  Maybe I'm a lil chicken.  bawk....

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