21 May 2011

Knots of Love

 Back in April, I'd heard about the Knots of Love's Veterans' Cap Drive.  So when I finished up the afghan I was working on for my husband's daughter and when I finished up two of May's project of the month for different charities thru two yahoo groups; I thought it would be a good time to begin amassing some items for various organizations.  Most of them are local efforts, but this one, this Knots of Love's Veterans' Cap Drive, well I'd like to help them reach their goal of five thousand hats by November.

This hat is the first!  It's made using Caron's Simply Soft.  The color is Autumn Red.  I used an I/9 {5.5mm} aluminum Boye hook.  Pictured here, the hat is resting on a 8.5"x11" sheet of paper.  It's kinda large, but someone might not like their hats too snug.

I'm going to try a few different styles.  I'm trying for a more solid crochet, but without the bulk.  So I will probably try a few hats in single crochet, or even slip stitch.  This one was done in half~double crochet stitch {in some countries, this is called a double crochet, while what we in USA call double crochet, others call treble}.

Knots of Love ask that the hats not be very holey or open mesh; this particular group of folks are Vets who have had chemo/cancer and so their bare heads are more tender and more likely to be cold.  So Knots of Love has a list of yarns that they ask folks to use, most are very soft.

I like using Caron's Simply Soft.  It works up nicely, is soft to touch, and is easily attainable {our local WalMart carries it...sometimes...well as much as our WalMart carries any yarn}.  It's not too expensive, which is a nice plus.


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