01 May 2011

May Day!

So yesterday, I was having lunch with a friend and she'd referred to an event and I said, "oh, yeah, that happened a few months back...wait!!  NO!  Last fall!"  and then gasped cuz it's MAY already.  When did that happen?  I realize it's a trite cliche, but, as I get older, time flies faster and faster.

Every December, I sit down with two calendars; the one for that old year and one for the new incoming year.  I page thru and mark birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates, transferring the data from the old to the new.  Then at the end of each month, I go thru the next month and figure out who I need to get which cards for and what needs to be sent out when.  Otherwise, days go by and I see them coming from a long way off, then I glance away and miss them til after they've gone by and it's too late to send even a "Happy beLated birthday" card.

So earlier this past week, I was looking at the month of May, and I asked my husband, "when did they stop marking May Day on the calendar?"  I mean, our calendar has most all the "special" days marked on it, including days that I need to google cuz I'm totally unfamiliar with them; I look up Boxing Day every year, EVERY YEAR, cuz I can never remember what I discovered the previous year.  Now, May Day in much of the world is sort of like our Labor Day here.  In theory, anyway.  Labor Day here mostly marks the end of summer and the beginning of the school year.  At least that's the way it was when I was young.

Now, here in Mississippi, Labor Day doesn't much mark the end of summer in any way.  Area schools start back in the beginning of August and the temperatures are usually in the triple digits well into September.  The old social etiquette rule regarding wearing white {especially footwear} has definitely gone by the wayside; does anyone even remember that white pumps were not seen on ladies' feet from Labor Day to Memorial Day?

I never was much of a lady.

But I do remember as a child dancing about the May Pole with streamers and ribbons.  Last year, I had a chance to do that again!  I'd forgotten all about it til I saw the pole standing atop a hill, with strips fluttering in the breeze.  We had so much fun, strangers most of us, all ages represented, that most of us were laughing by the time we finished wrapping the pole in multi~colored fabric.

Happy May Day, from me, to you and yours!


  1. There's something eerie about that photo...like I imagine this is the first step in a ritual sacrifice or something. :/

  2. I'm expecting all of their eyes to glow...

  3. As a former sailor - "May Day" has a totally different slant. Love ya Baby


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