15 May 2011

wrap it up!

Ok, there are lots of ways to wrap pegs when looming.  Here are three.  Click on the picture to see an enlarged version to see the details.

This is a slanted version, each peg is not wrapped in full.  The yarn goes around the outside of the peg only.  This produces a double~knit, medium density.

Ok, this creates a much more open weave.  As you can see, It is a wide U wrap, using two pegs per wrap.  The peg is not completely wrapped, but again the yarn goes around the outside of the pegs.

Ok, this is actually a denser weave, with each peg being wrapped three~quarters of the way.  You can see that each wrap crosses over to create an overlap of coverage.

The yarn is Yarn Bee's Soft Delight in pale pink.

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  1. Already too complicated! I'd screw this up for sure.


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