08 May 2011

the crafty room

This room contains most of my crafting supplies and also functions as our office.  It is a rather large room, possibly the largest single room in the house!  It's on the backside, to the northwest of the front of the house.

Part of my mom's wedding gift to me was to repaint the interior of my new home.  Also, my mom and brother laid new tile for my new husband and me.  The walls are a peppermint~tea and the floors are a marbleized blend of dark shades of green.  My husband and I bought the paint in a five gallon bucket from WalMart and the tile was found at Fred's {a discount pharmacy chain in this region~~something like Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, or Dollar Bill's, only with a pharmacy as well}.

The two wooden cabinets pictured above were built by my husband several years ago.  The large table is loaded with unfinished or unsatisfactory projects to be frogged {rip~it, rip~it, rip~it} on one half.  The other half of the table is seen here.

It's full of Caron Simply Soft yarns.  There is a charity that I'm making hats for that require soft fibers.  Most of the yarn was bought on clearance when our WalMart was renovating their lay~out and radically changing their yarn section {also eliminating their fabric area altogether}.  Some of the yarn I'd gotten when a store discontinues that color or shade.  I keep my eyes open for bargains like that.

 These two wooden shelving units were actually part of a large custom~made corner cabinet that my husband's first wife had designed and asked him to build.  He's a very obliging, sweet man!  I'm very glad that I'd met him, three years after his first wife had died {they'd been married 29 years}.  Two years ago, we wed.  I'm a lucky lady!

What you see here are some of the many skeins of yarn I have amassed.  I use yarn frequently, constantly crocheting and sometimes looming.  So yarn never dry~rots here!  The pink chair is one of two that I brought with me.  They rock and swivel.  They came to me used, and I have no idea what sort of history they have, but they're mine now.  The floor~lamp is also used, and my husband did some repairs to it since I loved the shade and the actual lamp assembly.  It's very peaceful to sit in the pink chair, with soft light, listening to an audio book, crocheting away.  Very peaceful.

 I included this picture cuz it features three yarns that are my favorites.  I didn't used to be very fond of these colors, but our wedding was in the fall so we used autumnal colors.  Since then, these shades have become very special to me!  Claret, carrot, and gold are the three colors pictured here.  Also, atop the sewing cabinet/machine, is a stack of boxed tea.  I can't find this tea in my area, so when I was in Wisconsin, I bought a bunch of it!  It's Good Earth, sweet and spicy.  Very very tasty.
Of course you can click on any picture to enlarge for detail, but this one might be something you won't want to miss.  The desk and chair are the ones that my husband used when he was a lil boy at his grandparents.  My mother did all our floral arrangements for our wedding, and there is one sitting on the corner of the desk.  She also made the lil doll you see.

Draped over the chair's back is a very long hat and a small scarflette with Bully, the MSU mascot.  Atop the filing cabinet are several purses that are MSU themed as well.  The shorter one my husband found on our honeymoon for five bucks!  The other one, he found here in town for five bucks too.  I haven't used the larger one, tho I probably will in awhile.

It's past my bed time, happy mother's day to all you ladies out there! g'n'nite!


  1. You seem to keep it well organized. My space is just a swamp of paper!

  2. Its all you Baby! You give me wayyyy too much credit. Love Ya!


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