16 May 2011

flat pieces from round looms

Wrapping a round loom for a flat piece is not as complicated as written descriptions can sound.

Basically you use an eWrap {so called because the yarn does look like an "e" wrapped around the peg} to go around the loom.  But instead of continuing the wrap, to form a complete circle; you reverse the wrap at the last peg.  This creates a gap so that the resulting piece is not round, a tube; but flat.

Hopefully you can see that there is a gap between the pegs, above the lil knob on the loom.  I didn't continue the wrap around from the last peg to the first one to complete the circle.  I wrapped to the last one, reversed and continued the warp in a clockwise direction to the first peg.  Then I reversed directions and wrapped in a counter~clockwise direction to the last peg, then I reverse directions and wrap in the clockwise direction to the first peg and so on and so on.

I'll see if I can't do a better demonstration with each step illustrated.


  1. More complicated craziness that would be a knotted mess in my hands!

  2. You are so talented and so giving. Just another reason I'm proud to call you my wife!


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