01 May 2011

Scarf for May's project

I've finished up the flower~afghan I was making for one of my husband's kids and some other items that are in the picture of an entry from a few days back.

I'd started to look at various charities and organizations that I could donate crocheted items to, about a month ago.  One group collects scarves from women's shelters.  The scarves aren't meant for warmth, but rather can be for comfort or a fashion accessory or whatever.  It's the current project for May.  So I gave a shot at making just a regular mesh scarf and then weaving some other lighter pink thru the darker pink squares.  It's ok, I'm not thrilled with it, but not everyone's tastes run the same.  So I'll probably be posting pix of scarves during the next few weeks.

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  1. That's lesbian pink, you know. You're gonna make some down and out lesbian VERY HAPPY.


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