22 May 2011

Hat #4

My Jerr modeling hat#4.  I really like this particular hat.  I've been having fun tinkering with technique.  This hat was constructed entirely of single crochet and slip stitches.

This is not your run of the mill slip stitch.  Here's some detail.  Of course, for better detail, click on the pic for enlargement.

To do this slip stitch, enter the back bar from the back, yarn over, and pull the yarn thru.  The main difference is that you do not enter the loop from the front, but do so from the back.  It yields a taller stitch with more stretch.

Did you know that slip stitches could be done so many different ways and result in so many different looks?  I've not yet tried all the ways to slip, but it's fun to try these techniques on hats, cuz they are worked in the round, so the front is what is worked on at all times.  I think it lends nice finish, firm band.

And the hats can be worn with either side showing.  The work looks neat from either perspective.  More hats tomorrow!


  1. It gives one a very global look. People will automatically assume you're worldly if you wear this!

  2. The pose (according to an episode of "Law & Order: CI that we watched) is the one that author's use on their book covers to hide the double chin. And I must confess to having a bit of a wattle after losing 150+ pounds.


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