27 September 2010

*warning* disgusting content to follow

I'm just now freaking out cuz I had a yucky experience in the bathroom, so I'm a bit preoccupied with that {shudder}.

See the other day, I killed a winged~frickin~roach in the bathroom, with my bare hand. It was super juicy. {squelch}

And tonight, I went in, to take my meds, and I go back in and there is the winged~frickin~roach's brother {winged~freaken~roach} ON MY FUCKIN TOOTHBRUSH! And as I grabbed for it, it hopped over on my OTHER TOOTHBRUSH.


So I squished it and then threw both brushes out and scrubbed my hands. And dude, I know it was getting revenge. Now I wonder what the hell is going on in there with other unseen~fuckin~winged~roaches. shudder.

I'm damaged for life.

Thought I only vomited in my mouth a little.


  1. Need to take actions against the critters. Will only get worse with the cooler weather.

  2. GROSS! You know what that white stuff is that comes out after you smash 'em? It's fat! Whatcha havin' for lunch today?


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