04 September 2010

tripping down memory lane

I used to love to watch cartoon skits of what the future might be like.

Checking out some of the older magazines, how they might have thought things might be in their future, makes me wonder if our thoughts of the future are as way off.

My grandmother, along with a vast majority of folks in her generation, firmly believed in plastic covers {shudder}. Not that she hosed things down. Or even cleaned very often. Until recently, I didn't know that the smell that I fondly associated with my grandparents' towels hanging on the bathroom rods is actually deep~seated mold that never was bleached entirely out...that's why whenever the "clean" towels became damp, they emitted a smell that I now think of as sour.

Could be one contributing reason for my current love affair with heavily bleached sheets, towels, etc. as an adult.

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  1. Screw the flying car --I want a transporter beam like they had on Star Trek!


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