03 September 2010

family 'do~ings

Well, My Jerry's mother lives in an assisted living home, in the area. Every few months, they host a get~together for the residents' families and it's usually something that you can bring a dish to, or not. They have plenty of food there, so it's nice if you bring a side~dish or dessert, but not a necessity. They really just want you to be there.

The first one of the year, the day of, I got terribly sick and by the time the gathering rolled around, Jerry wasn't feeling so great either. So neither of us went. Oh, well, we'll make it to the next one.

The next one rolled around, and Jerry was actually on his way home to get me when the meeting of the cadillac made that infeasible. We decided if either of us got sick, or hit by another vehicle, this time, then we'd never attempt to attend another one of these.

Glad to say that we went and had a great time. The four of us {Jerry's daughter went too} sat at a table and told stories and laughed and had a good time. I ate an usually large amount of desserts, and drank swe'tea till my tummy pooched over my waist band.

Jerry'd made deviled eggs. The residents loved them! We probably will take two platters next time. The director of the home said that they are a favorite, whenever anyone brings them.

Jerry's daughter won a door~prize so Jerry has a new white MSU t~shirt he can wear to the game tomorrow. Then we all went out and sat on the front~porch rockers. The evening was a balmy soothing sort, the kind that makes the south sound so appealing in those novels. And we just sat and rocked and chatted.

A good time was had by all.

Tomorrow, I'm going to go to the first meeting of the Starkville Writers' Group. It most likely will be an organizational/planning gathering. We'll decide how often, when, where, the purpose, etc. I'm excited about that, and think that it might be an excellent opportunity for me to push myself a bit more.

In the morning, Jerry and two of his daughters plan to go the cemetery to see his first wife's final resting place. Next week would have been their anniversary. They shared their entire adult lives, raised five children, and so this is a good time to remember her for him. He'd asked if I wanted to go, but I think that this is meaningful for his girls too and I think it might be a bit much for his eldest daughter to try to deal with my presence at that time. They were very close and I'm sure that it will be an emotional time for her.

Then in the afternoon, Jerry and her husband will go to the first MSU football game of the season. The game doesn't start til 6, but they plan to be there around 2~~Jerry's group {the Vet School at MSU} and her husband's church will have tailgate tents set up. There are usually hot dogs and hamburgers and sodas and maybe some watermelon and of course, the ever~present swee'tea. I expect they won't be home til 10p or so.

There has been a "new" ruling by the SEC, that we will be allowed to have our cowbells. If you've never been to an MSU game, you probably haven't heard such clamor. But let me remind you, we're a land~grant university which has strong agricultural and farming roots. We like us our cowbells!

So then that will be the doings for the Labor Day weekend for us. Sunday, Jerry most likely will need to put his leg up and rest some. Monday, of course, he has off.

All y'all be safe out there!

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  1. It was a great game MSU won 49-7)and doubly sweet because Ole Miss got dumped by Jacksonville State 49-48. Mwwwwahhhhhhh!!!


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