30 September 2010

eye {heart} you

My husband has five adult children. The other day, I was stuck in a bit of a quandary, stumbling over what normally would have been my introduction of one of his daughters {he has three}. I said, "this is one of my husband's..." and then stopped, turned toward her, and asked, "does that sound like I have multiple husbands?" I opted for the more general, tho vague, "my friend".

Anyway, she likes physical activity. Lately she's been climbing the trees in our front yard. So she's been seeing some stuff that would otherwise have escaped notice. Like this perfect heart, which serves as a lovely pupil for this tree's eye, would have most likely continued to be ignored by us human beings.

What's really cool is that this tree's heart framed so lovely within the eye actually seems to be looking down at our front porch, watching over us, keeping us in its line of sight.


  1. We can call it the "Jerry Tree", cause just like me - he has his eye on You! Love ya!

  2. There was a "Malcom In the Middle" episode about a tree with a face. They cut it down.

  3. Came here because of your comment in Toon's blog. Hope you don't mind 'cause I like your blog and I love that tree.


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