12 September 2010

happy hooking!

Today is International Crochet Day!!

You'd've thought that what with all the waiting in hospitals and doctors' offices and such this summer that I'd've used that time wisely by reading and/or crocheting; but that did not happen. In fact, I haven't crocheted in quite some time. I was back in the craftee~room last night, cleared some things away, and put some yarn up, and sorted thru some piles that were just set down instead of actually put away. There is still lots to do in there, but at least it was a dent! The large table back there is piled high with wedding stuff. There are still a few boxes of stuff to go thru from my trailer on the farm, tho I think most of it will be tossed, some needs to be washed {my winter coat}, or put away {some of my crochet accoutrements} . I've put all the christmas stuffs under the table back there last fall, we weren't here for the holidays, and I didn't want to come home to decorations that needed to be taken down and packed away for the year. I feel deplorably, woefully behind on most everything including resuming the cleaning of a couple rooms in the house and such. Sigh. I have no idea what I want to do for whom this year. I have a feeling that I won't be presenting folks with personally made items this holiday season. My mother and I will be attending a craft~fair next month, perhaps I will find some things then that speak to me and seem suitable for some folks!

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  1. Maybe you need a new creative outlet to spark some inspiration. Go get some watercolors and a glue gun and see what happens!


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