23 September 2010


This morning, we stopped by the tag/title office at the courthouse to do what we could do regarding our newly acquired 1981 Honda 400c. We'll be getting antique tags so if you see me tooling around on a tight lil bike, with my bubble~gum pink girly half~shell...well, very long time readers will remember that ahem I'm tough {spoken in the smallest softest whisper ever}. Otherwise, you can just imagine.

Then we zoomed up to Tupelo to see the ortho~dude, who was pleased as he could possibly be about how wonderful Jerry's leg was looking in reality and on film. So we go back in December for a six~month {from the wreck/surgery} check~up and then I think we're done. He did say that he'd like to see us in a year and that he won't really release Jerry cuz if he ever has anymore trouble due to the fractures, then the ortho~dude wants us to return. I think we're good. Jerry was doing the time~warp and that involves some bending and twisting of the knees, so I think we can expect his to dance his way into the work in the morning. And he is tha~rooooo with physical therapy. yea!!

And we stopped at the bookstore and picked up a few holiday presents. And went to Hobby~Lobby, where I lamented the dwindling yarn supply and the exorbitant prices. Again, the kudzu into fiber idea cropped up.

Jerry has been wanting to buy me a few new outfits, especially since our first anniversary is coming up at the end of next month. So we went to JCPenny's and browsed thru the "clearance" racks {dude, most of the prices are way more than I would usually consider, even at fifty percent or more off}. Jerry's good about finding stuff that would look good on me, and we walked away with a few items to add to my wardrobe. Including a few tops, bras, and one really awesome dress that I'd not have thought was my style but I really like it once it's on me!!

Some items are pictured throughout the post. Not all the items, just some. It was fun, and very low stress. And I really am glad that Jerry suggested this!

Thanks so very much, my love!!


  1. Just the idea of clothes shopping makes me need a nap.

  2. I had fun with our outing yesterday. I'm so glad I can see the end coming - as far as medical treatment for this is concerned. Love YA! Glad you had an enjoyable time.


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