22 September 2010

surprise, surprise

Tomorrow, My Jerry and I are heading to Tupelo. He'll be seeing the ortho~dude for a follow~up and then we won't be seeing that doc again til Dec, I'm sure. While we're near the mall and all, Jerry's mentioned that he would like to see me in an outfit or two during our first anniversary at the end of next month. So since he doesn't need to be up at half~past dark o'clock, we caught up on a few TiVo'ed shows.

One of which was Sons of Anarchy. We had a bit of a surprise when riding up on a tricked out Harley as Bachman, the cleaner, was a familiar face. Stephen King guest starred. And not surprisingly, he was really, really good at playing his character.

There was an accidental death of an unsavory character and a cleaner was needed to uhm dispose of the body. So Katey Segal's character asks Kim Coates's character for some assistance. He replies that Bachman is expensive, but good, very good. And in the next scene, up rides Stephen King.

He was so good, he was scary good. It'd be awesome to see this character be called upon again at some point. The silent interaction these four characters had was amazing and gave me chills. I think that the cleaner is definitely someone that would be useful to the show.

What I liked particularly about his guest appearance was that the show didn't play it up. There was no hype. They didn't flash on it during last week's previews of this week's episode. They didn't announce it or treat it as a teaser just prior to the show. I really like that.

The more I learn about Sons and the folks involved, the more I gain respect. I'm intrigued. It would be too easy to take this idea to overkill, but they don't overplay it. And Stephen King fit right in to the story, making the feasible premise all the more relevent. Awesomely good.

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  1. I've never seen the show, but it sounds right up my alley.


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