19 September 2010

my wood~sprite

I've been enthralled with BookMooch and have enjoyed the process for the most part. There are some folks who don't have much respect for books and treat the service with much negativity, mostly cuz it is a free exchange. But other than those few folks, I've enjoyed the BookMooch exchanges muchly.

One person whom I've been exchanging eMails with of late, from whom I'm mooching Dracula, has made me a wonderful bookmark. She'd asked what my tastes are and directed me to her deviantART page to see samples. I explained that trees are important to me, and I love the autumnal season best, but trees in all seasons thrill me, especially hard~woods, oaks, maples, and the like. So she sketched me out a wood~sprite, colored her in, and is sending the bookmark with my book. That makes it all that more extra special!!


Thanks for taking the time and effort to let your thoughts be known!