13 September 2010


Proof positive that no good deed goes unpunished was shown this morning during a cluster~fu..flurry of phone calls that made me question the sanity and worthiness of interacting with bureaucrats. {sigh}

Leaving out lots of nitpicking details, I'll try to zero in on the crux of the matter...the left~hand so did not know what the right hand was doing.

I called all the agencies that have been involved with my husband's accident and all that followed. Mostly to check in with them, let them know where/when we are in the process of all this, etc. Oh, good! All the agencies responded, that's just wonderful! No problem, this all sounds great! He's way ahead of the healing~curve!

I get off the phone with the very last place, feeling good, having been reassured all's well. And not but twenty minutes later, I receive a phone call from that same agency, the caller demanding action! right! this!very!minute!NOW!! I was thrown, cuz dude, that is so the exact opposite of what the other woman told me. And since I've not received any sort of indication to the contrary, I thought that all was well. So it really was very odd to receive this demanding!call!that!needed!attention!right!now!! When I pointed out that I just spoke with their agency twenty minutes ago, the caller was stunned and insisted that there was no record of such a call. {sigh}

One of the seven principle characteristics of inefficient organizations is poor communication within the organization that leads to poor communication with clients of that organization. In other words, as a client, you cannot hold the organization to their own stated policy for procedures. Which is a damn shame, cuz they sure as shit can drop kick your ass right outta the extremely unlevel playing field they themselves devised. We said what? Are you sure? Well, what we meant was...

argh...I'm so frustrated that I can't even speak very clearly...


  1. If only this were the exception and not the norm. SIGH

  2. But you recovered, landed on your feet, dealt with the problem, and managed to keep your sanity. You are AWESOME!


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