13 January 2010

water, water everywhere and not a drop to spare

This picture doesn't do justice to the...brightness of my hair.

Yeah, so this morning I got up and thought, oh hey, it's a tad warmer so maybe I'll go on and dye my hair today. When I was younger and had longer hair, I would use two boxes blonde and one strawberry blonde and my hair would be a pretty honey sort of shade. So this time, I thought that since my hair is shorter, but still thick, I'd use only one box blonde and one box strawberry blonde. So after I scrubbed out the microwave {that's important to note, why? because that's how I know that we had water, with normal good pressure}. Perhaps you see where this is going.

So this afternoon, I mix up the dye, put it on my hair, sculpt my hair into a sort of weird swirly style atop my head, and carefully sit down to wait. Now, I don't usually wear my glasses while dying my hair because the frames are metal and that's not usually a good combination. And I am rather blind without my specs. I can see shapes and all, usually shades, but not details. In other words, I can see someone but not their smile/frown/crossed~eyes unless I am right up on them. So watching TV was not an option, but since I don't usually do that during the day, that was fine. Til I figured out that reading was not a good idea either. So I found some stand~up routines on the comedy channel, but turns out most of those are visual too...

So at the appointed time, I rush into the bathroom, so I can jump in the shower. And there is no water pressure. So, I come out to the kitchen, and uhm, nope. So then I think, dude, I hope we don't have a broken pipe, cuz that would so suck on a whole buncha levels.

SO I call Jerry at work and ask if the water company is having problems cuz that'd be the better of the two options {really didn't want there to be a busted pipe somewhere here at the house}. So he calls around and no one is answering the phones at the water company. So he calls me back and says that he just doesn't know what's what.

I tell him, "don't worry honey. The worst that can happen has already happened" and he sighs, "yeah, especially if it's a burst pipe." I snickered and admitted that I was being selfish and that what I meant was that if my hair was turning green or orange or pink, that it would have done so already and that hair grows,so not to worry overly much. He chuckled and I told him that I can't drive anywhere without my glasses and I'd just see him when he got home from work.

So I kept checking the pressure. And the time. And finally when he got home, we both grabbed some clean clothes and went elsewhere to shower and I rinsed the dye out of my hair after it having been in there for {wait for it} three hours.

I was surprised to see that my hair was not horrendous. It's just very...bright. Think the lightest strawberry blonde that you've ever seen and then make it even more blonde and then make it even more...bright. The shocking thing is that I like it this way. The pic doesn't do it justice.

So we thought while we were out, we'd get replacement hose for the washing machine because the old hose has far outlived its life and we have a leak in the laundry room. When we got home, I got out of the car, and heard this rushing sound. Not a soft lil trickle. Not a musical gurgle. This was full on open gushing rush of waterfalls pouring and pounding. And so now Jerry is taking tomorrow off to try to find the water leak, the outside hose pipe is busted for sure, and we now have no running water in the house as he turned it off at the road.


We can't let the water drip from any of the indoor faucets tonight and it's supposed to freeze and so we are hoping against all reason that there won't be any worse messes and more broken pipes due to tonight's necessity of cutting the water off. Damned if ya do. Damned if ya don't.

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