04 January 2010

back to the grind

Today, I opted to burrow under the covers and read for the majority of the day. Then I got up, took a shower, put on some fresh clean jammies and swaddled my feet in two pairs of socks, and here I sit with my mug of hot peach tea that my Jerry made for me {cuz he treats me like I'm a princess}.

Our first week of the New Year promises to be a bit on the chilly side, with lows in the teens and highs just above freezing. I know your northern folk think we whine to excess when it gets a bit nippy, but that is cold no matter where you are! We're letting our faucets drip so the pipes don't freeze, so it sounds like a musical waterflow that you find in the Zen shops in here.

Supposedly, we might get a dusting of snow late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning or evening. Sometimes, we watch the flakes falling, but the ground temps melt it so it doesn't stick but maybe once a year and even then it's for a short time before the sun melts it off. But this time, I think it may stick and stay for a lil bit longer than usual. That'd be cool for the kids, but not so for the parents who just had the kids home for two weeks or so.

Today was my Jerry's first day back to work and his desk is buried under piles of paperwork, requests, assignments, pleas of assistance, and other stuff that accumulated during the break and that most folks want done RIGHT NOW cuz it's the start of a new term at the university. So he wasn't too happy about it all, but he's got a really good attitude and knows that he can do it. Cuz he's the man. *nodding sagely*

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