16 January 2010

brazen raisin

Well, last night I got to thinking about my hair and decided to go with a different color even tho I just colored it the other day. The brassiness wasn't fading and if anything, it was getting brighter and brighter and brighter still.

So I'd talked with my Jerry and we decided that perhaps I'd look better with a reddish hue instead of being so brightly blonde that the strawberry looked more peachy.

This morning after he made me incredible pancakes {cuz he treats me like I'm a princess} and before his youngest grandson came over, we drove to town to peruse hair~colors.

And this is what he picked and it looks pretty stunning.

In a good way.

I like it and think I'll keep it this way. Tho I will need to dye it again, soon, cuz they only had one kit and it wasn't enough to cover and saturate all my hair. So I'll keep my eye open for multiple boxes in the desired color.

Which is a radiant burgundy, or a brazen raisin.

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