23 January 2010


Yesterday morning, I let the dogs out. Then in a very short while, Pearl started her truncated tri~yip and so I let her back in. At that time, I saw Shaddow running around but didn't see Harley. I didn't worry about it. Then. Cuz the weather was fine and he had some exploring to do, I thought. So I shut the door.

A few hours later, I called for Shaddow and Harley again. Shaddow was lying in the sun out on the concrete apron by the drive. She heaved a sigh and stretched and so I left her continue her sun~bathing.

But I didn't see Harley. Which was odd, cuz he usually doesn't stay out for hours on end like that without at least jumping against the storm door once in awhile. But I didn't worry. Then.

When Jerry got home, I told him that Harley wasn't around. Usually when the dogs hear Jerry's whump~whump~whump of his bike pulling into the drive, they get all excited and go with me to meet him. Harley didn't meet us out there.

Jerry looked all over the place. We can't find him. He just turned seven last week. He's a whippet~chihuahua blend, about twelve and a half pounds. He's got very thin hair, and perky bat~ears. That's him last April with Pearl, they curl up and lick each others ears and mouth each other and such often.

Harley's Jerry's buddy. When Jerry stretches out in the recliner, Harley stretches out with him. Pearl and I miss him, but Jerry is really at a loss. So if anyone sees him, please let me know, k?


  1. Why oh why do we animal-lovers put ourselves through the emotional amusement park that is owning dogs and cats?? Hope you get some happy news soon. Russ

  2. I'm not sure why we continue to have pets when it nearly brings us to our knees -- no it does bring us to our knees -- when something befalls them.

    Hope you've either found him or someone adopted him without thinking he was being missed.


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