03 January 2010


Wow, here it is, day four already! I feel like hibernating. Actually, I have been doing a fair amount of that lately. New Year's Day dawned with Jerry not feeling too keen and his grandson wasn't feeling so hot either. I'd talked with my mom later that day and she said that there has been a stomach virus going around out there, so maybe that was it. My Jerry's feeling much better, but his grandson isn't yet.

Hopefully that will change in just a bit. Wednesday he turns ONE YEAR OLD!! Yea!! I know everyone is biased toward the lil ones in their lives, but he really is very cute. Really. And he knows it too!

This past week, my Jerry and his oldest son along with his son had their pictures done so that we have three generations of the Wolf men for the grandson's first birthday. Aw, super sweet, right? Yup, I think so too!

Jerry's youngest son and his wife were visiting with us for a few days. His son spent lots of time hunting and did get a deer, a nice buck. His wife and I treated ourselves to a lil pampering on Saturday and had lunch and got pedi's and manicures. It's been about ten years since I had artificial nails and so it's been a bit of a trick to get used to these. I didn't get them very long, but compared to how short I usually keep them, they seem super glamorous. And what with having my hair cut last week, I feel positively decadently spoiled.

Well, I am anyway. Sigh. It was nice seeing everyone these past few weeks, but I'm so ready to spend some time with just my Jerry, settling into a routine. Perhaps I will get to do some cleaning, and unpacking {from my move here after the wedding}, and setting things to rights.

I haven't hung any pictures back up, nor put the items we set aside for safe~keeping out for display. And I've been feeling like I really ought to get into that. So, that's the big thing on my agenda for the next few months.

I say "next few months" because I'm aware that I need some time to just rest up and all. I've been feeling a bit worn down and in need of some serious nappage and jammie~time. Fortunately, I can do that. Cuz I'm good at that.

Practice makes perfect.


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