27 January 2010

chocolate, coffee, and tea, wtf?!?

Lately, well ok, for close to an entire month...i've been feeling drained, tired, and downright lazy. i get these bursts of energy, almost frantic, and then i collapse back into being a lazy slut, having a hot and heavy affair with my bed. so i'm abnormally proud of the things i actually do, like proofreading my friend's dissertation proposal.

The gist of her proposal is focused on the effect of maternal caffeine consumption on fetus limb deformities. She is considering the most common forms of caffeine like that found in soda, coffee, tea, and chocolate. Even the less recognized form of caffeine is considered: that found in medications, both prescribtion and over the counter.

So I got to thinking, the other day, when I was mixing up a wackodoo drink cuz that's what I do, mix up and drink wackodoo drinks...so I got to thinking, hmmm, I like coffee and chocolate {mocha} and I like chocolate and tea {stash makes a fantastic chocolate hazlenut tea that will make your mouth oh so happy and your brain even happier, especially if you use some cream, sigh....slllllllllluT} but what about chocolate, coffee, and tea? And cuz I love weird~shit, I just knew that I would love that combination too.

And I do. My Jerry mixes up an instant decaf every morning for himself to drink while he eats his grits with hot pepper sauce and ground black pepper. So I tossed some of that into the can of instant hot chocolate mix I have, added some powdered creamer, and shook that can up but good.

The next time I had a hot pot of tea, I added the choco~coffee~creamer mix to the mug and then poured in the hot tea and mixed it good and drank it off and then made some more. Then I had the odd thought that I don't think I could go the soda route right off. I'll have to work up to it, cuz even my weird cheese~kiss loving ass has doubts about carbonated ChocCofTea.

Try it, ya might like it!


  1. I'm a caffeine addict, but not a fan of coffee. Tea's okay, but adding chocolate to it?? Yikes.

  2. Just shows that you are an original and one-of-a-kind. Always thinking outside the box.

  3. Nope. Don't think I can do that Deb.


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