27 January 2010

sherry for the cook

I was just thinking about making supper tonight. I don't have great confidence in my abilities to cook meals that other people will eat. I'm a stellar baker, have been since I was seven or so. However, I like weird shit {see last entry} which means that when I cook, I make what I think would be tasty to me. Which means that most other folks are left with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Not eating what I cook doesn't hurt my feelings. Baking is a different story...

So My Jerry does most of the cooking. The lion's share, which is all of it. He does treat me like I'm a princess. Stop puking!!

So I made a joke about my cooking tonight in IM. Cuz when I cook, I tend to act as tho I have a cooking show and an audience skeptically curiously attuned like they are watching a one~woman train wreck. And somewhere in the process I am going to attempt a very bad Julia Child impression and swig some sherry for the cook.

Actually, it's not sherry, it's just that's what I always say, cuz I love that about her. I've actually only had sherry once. And it was a huge, Huge, HUGE disappointment {sigh}. Some how I'd gotten this impression that sherry would be like a thick syrupy, creamy, cherry dessert wine that I would just love, Love, LOVE. And no. It wasn't like that at all.

Years back, like fifteen to twenty, my college roommate's family hosted an oysters dinner one night and her father always drinks milk with his meal. Now, her mother pointed out they had no milk and asked what he wanted instead. He asked for iced tea {we were in PA, if it were here in the South, it would have been swe'tea} and that's what she poured him.

At some point during the meal, he'd taken a long draught of his drink, thinking it was milk {forgetting he'd asked for tea} and ended up spewing the entire table. The tea was fine. It's just that his mind and mouth were prepared for thick creamy milk and got something else instead.

That's sort of what my experience with sherry was like. I was at an arts and crafts festival on Cedar Key and dodged into a grocery store and saw a bottle of sherry and bought it thinking, oh at last! And for all I know it could have been for cooking, and cheap ass~shit for all that, but it most certainly was not thick, creamy, nor cherry~like in anyway.


But I still love the line "...and a lil sherry for the cook" crowed in a somewhat clogged voice.


  1. Don't worry folks! What she cooked was imminently edible. Quite tasty even! But I like odd stuff too! Plus - Hot Sauce and jalapenos can spice up even the blandest meal.

  2. Paula Dean is our generation's Julia Child...or at least our generations TV kitchen drunk. ;)


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