11 October 2009

where did the weekend go? oh, yeah...!

dude! i suggested to jerry that maybe he might want to invite his eldest daughter and her family over for MSU's homecoming game, since it was televised and both his son~in~law and his grandson like football too. then i slept thru the first half of the game. sigh. i don't usually like to sleep when company's here.

but i made it out of the bedroom at half~time and sat at the smaller kitchen table and watched his granddaughter draw and listened to her explain to me what sounds animals make, and how they look, and what they do. {i now know where chicken comes from: turkeys!!} then she decided to gather together some stuff and make a band; very creative, a bucket was a drum, and so was a swiffer {she'd hold one end of the head down with her foot and lift it up with the handle and the other end of the head would thump~thump on the floor} and a fork on a wire rack completed things. she gave my shaddow some treats {and let her lick the barbeque sauce of her hands, it tickles}.

then after the game, and his daughter's family left, we drove over to winona {about an hour} and met up with his best childhood friend, who is now a truck~driver and had a delivery in the area. since he now lives in wisconsin, i've not met him before, so it was really cool. we had a good visit and i'm glad that we will be seeing him again in a few weeks. even tho he says he brings rain with him.

at least i'll know who to blame if we have to move the ceremony indoors!

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  1. Yeah. All-in-all it was a productive and fun weekend.


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