13 October 2009

don't hold yer breath

i'm a tad impatient right about now. sigh. and the thing is, i know that being impatient is not helping, in fact, a good case can be made that it's hurting. yup, hurting.

i'm relatively new to the whole eBay thing. my jerry does use it, so in the spring of the year, he showed me some stuff and we bought a few things for the wedding using the service. for many months, i just looked, and sometimes marked things to 'watch' so that i could show him those items. but when it came to actually ordering anything, i hesitated, and would say, 'you do it' cuz i knew that somehow i'd activate some chain reaction that would end up destroying our entire budget.

so the first time i ever bid on anything, i held my breath {very very ineffective, i know, but i did it none the less} and made sure that i put the decimal in the right place so that i didn't commit to a bid of one hundred dollars, instead of one, or even ten. so yeah, i was all excited when dude, i actually got the item!! yea!!! yea for me!!

that was two weeks ago and i'm still waiting for it to get here. every day, i start checking the mailbox at twelve~thirty, and nope, and then again around one~thirty. the mail definitely runs by two. so you'd think i'd be all, well, let's just wait til two~thirty to be on the safe side. but nope! instead, i walk to the end of the drive, dash across the road, hold my breath {cuz somehow that might make it actually happen...i think that comes from taking a deep breath, holding it to make the birthday wish, and then whooshing out the candles} and pry the lid on the mailbox down to peak inside and go oh. not today. sigh.

last week, i even went out and checked on sunday, cuz i was thinking, maybe i didn't check on saturday {yeah, sometimes i even believe my sillee self}. but today, i didn't even give it a shot. cuz today {well, yesterday now} was a postal holiday and tuesday's mail might even be backed up. so quite possibly, the package might not even arrive til...two weeks from now. sigh.

the past couple days, i've bid on a few things. i am proud of myself for exercising restraint and not losing my head to the thinking that "oh, well, what's another fifty cents?" and getting swept up in a bid~battle. there'd been an eight pound cone of cotton yarn/thread and a two pound cone and a one pound cone that someone outbid me on. since i didn't already have a specific use in mind, i'm not vested in gaining possession at this point.

i've never been the sort of person that gets into a skirmish over the last something or other at walmart or what not. it always amazes me when i see harried women doing that during the holidays. i cannot think of anything that is so vitally crucial to my health and well~being that is worth me snatching it up and gloating over.

but, dude, send me the stuff that you've already received payment for! do it, do it now! stomp.stomp.


  1. Chuckle. Yeah, eBay can be fun, or frustrating. Depending on which side of the auction (winning or losing) that you are on. Love your take on it though.


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