23 October 2009

a quick recap...

so mom came to visit this past monday and help me get some more preparations for the wedding completed. she's finished six corsages, seven boutonnieres, nine centerpieces, one small broom, two large cinnamon brooms, my bouquet, and forty bows. we plan to also do four more centerpieces, three more large brooms, and four more small ones tomorrow. then my brother and father are coming over from arkansas on sunday and will be on hand to help out too.

this past monday, i also went to the first discussion of Between the Pages book club. we had read "guernsey literary and potato peel pie society" for this month. next month, we'll read "the secret lives of bees", which i found last month on bookmooch.com. yea! yea for me! then in december, we will read john grisham's "skipping christmas". i think we've decided on something for january, but i cannot remember off hand which title it is.

tuesday evening, mom and i began to assemble the centerpieces, and jerry spent some time with his grandkids. he read some stories to them, including "it happened on mulberry street"; we could tell by the gleeful recitation of the key line! they had great fun.

wednesday morning, jerry's mom came back home from the hospital. she was really wanting to be back in familiar surroundings and the doc felt that it would be better for her to not be in the hospital any longer. she is doing so much better now, and altho she still requires lots of rest and should not be taxed by things beyond her control, she continues to improve every day. i'm glad of that, esp since she gave us all a scare!

also wednesday morning, one of jerry's best friends from childhood came to visit for a couple days. he is officiating at our wedding, and it was great fun to take him around and show him the lake and the farm and the town and all. he grew up here, but hasn't had any reason to spend much time in the area for awhile. so he was amazed at all the changes! that evening, we fired up the brazier and spent a few hours sitting around it, chatting and laughing and catching up. it was a great night, relaxing.

thursday, he took my mom and i out for lunch at a local mexican restaurant that has a buffet. i tried my first churros and they are just as good as i've heard they would be. he plans to come up again in the next week, for the wedding.

today, mom and i went to tupelo. on our list of things to do was stopping at hobby lobby for more of the fixings for the centerpieces and such. then we went for a wonderful lunch at red lobster {mom surprised me with a birthday lunch, since she won't be here on my birthday next month}. then i had my hair cut. it's now a bit of a chin~length bob, very cute and yet long enough to allow me to be appropriate for the wedding.

so, things are rolling right along, very nicely! this coming tuesday, jerry's other best friend from childhood {who is his best man} will be coming in from wisconsin with his wife. wednesday afternoon, jerry's daughter flies in from portland. i think his son and his wife are coming up from the coast either monday or tuesday. and the preacher will be coming in thursday or friday.

all set for saturday's wedding!!


  1. 5 More Days 'til the name change, Baby! Love ya!

  2. The bows and corsages and flowers are lovely! I'm so happy for you Deb.


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