08 October 2009

sometimes ya feel like a nut...

last night, i draped the hooded cape on my jerry once again, or actually five times. cuz i wasn't sure how best to proceed. jerry is such a great sport, letting me turn him around, poking and pulling as i tried first one idea, then another. it takes a confident, comfortable man who is secure in his own masculinity to be ok with modeling a child's {a lil girl's} garment.

we had a fine discussion, tossing ideas about, in order for me to try to figure out where this child's knee~length would be, if she and my jerry's heads were on the same level. cuz we both had been a bit goofy, we were giggling over the pseudo~serious theorizing that if one's proportions where this and taken into account that, and if this condition were met, then what is the length of that. we were really poking fun at ourselves while trying to also come up with some sort of reasonable guesstimate. cuz dude, it'd be way too easy to ask the mother of said lil girl to just measure from head to knee and let us know. way way too easy and that'd make way too much sense; ya like get all logical on my ass, why doncha?

so we determined that if the lil girl's head was level with my jerry's, then she could quite easily knee him in the groin. after we snickered with each other over the whole infantile process of us arriving at that conclusion, i piped up, "nut~length is it," and then added, "i'm so gonna blog about this" with all the solemnity i could muster at the moment.

on a totally unrelated matter...i had a freshly made fig~preserve muffin {made with home~made fig preserves} today and omg, if i could have rolled around in its sinful moistness, i would have. it was divine. simple fine. i love, Love, LOVE the "lil building cafe" here in starkville, miss'ippi. if you have a chance to stop by, please do so, sigh. you'll love it, too!

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  1. Sounds Delicious. Now I know why you didn't stop in to see me. Love ya.


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