04 October 2009

my jerry & me

i thought it would be very appropriate to post this pic, which is probably the one we'll run in the paper to announce our wedding, in four weeks. my brother took this pic and a buncha others, when he and mom were here last week to paint and lay floor in three rooms. tomorrow, jerry and i begin to move things into those rooms and i'm very excited, but also sorta nervous. i don't want to do anything that will mess up the tile or the walls. i know i'll feel lots better after some of the stuff that's been sitting in the dining area for the last six months in moved and we can start to unpack one room that has been filled with keepsakes since spring.

the dress is one that i'd gotten at this past may's moondance. it's quite lovely and comfortable. in the past few weeks, i've actually gained quite a bit of weight, and that has been extremely upsetting for me, as i know weigh the most since my jerry has known me.

all the foundation garments in the world won't help if they don't fit, now will they? arghen farghen, blast my weak will and inability to control my insatiable appetite {and no, i'm not pregnant}. i'm sure it'll be fine, The Dress will fit and all that. but at the moment, i'm none too pleased with myself.


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