06 October 2009

don't forget the floors

time is taffy, especially of late. in some ways, i feel that things have moved very very slowly, just dragging on and on. and yet, in other ways, i feel that so much has zipped right along, at a fast pace. and the truth is, time moves at the same rate. or so i assume, not being a student of such units and matters, i can never be absolutely certain of these matters.

so i've been chipping away at the task at hand, which is to set things to rights and find homes for everything that has been stored in various rooms for the past six months or so. my jerry and i were up late last night, moving furniture around. then this afternoon, i continued to move what could be moved and try this here, well maybe it'd be better there, nooooooooooo, back to here. aha! how about over there?

it may take a bit on the front end, but then, once a home is found for pieces and parts, then that's where they stay. i don't feel a great urge to rearrange on a whim, or with the changing seasons, or what not. sometimes, i'll move things temporarily, rearranging them to accommodate a larger crowd {which since jerry has five adult children with spouses and four with children, a larger crowd happens more often than not~~so i'm taking that into account and attempting to find places for things so that we don't need to majorly rearrange every other month or at least several times per year}. just put things where they will best be used, found, fit, etc.

so for the time being, my jerry and i decided to leave the computer desk in the current location which is the breakfast nook, rather than relocating it to the study. so because it is here, what had been going to go here must go elsewhere. and so on and so on and so forth.

things won't be exactly as we'd have them by the time of the wedding, but much further than they had been. and every step forward makes everything *click* into place. which makes us more comfortable and is soothing to the soul. hope your autumn is off to a good start as well!

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  1. I think I'd pass out if I ever came home and you were wearing heels & an apron to do housework!


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