15 October 2009

wedding update, day sixteen

and then my mind flipped and i lost my shit.

actually i haven't. that's just what this lil pic reminds me of. doesn't it say that to you?

a couple weeks ago, after my mom and brother left, jerry and i looked at what we'd done, what we'd to do, and make some decisions about what we would get done before the wedding as far as the house stuff goes. that really eased up some of my own stress cuz i decided not to do everything and to accept that i can do some stuff and certainly not all of it. so that helped with the de~stressing lots and lots.

next week, my folks arrive in the area from arkansas. they will be on hand to do all those last minute things that we want to do. and since they are coming in ten days or so prior to, that means that nothing will be ultra~rushed. at least, that's the theory.

the following week, jerry's best man {bill, and bill's wife deanna} will arrive from wisconsin. they'll stay with us and so this weekend, jerry and i are planning to move over my bed, bookshelves, and vanity {so that we can put the room together for them to use}. a day after that, jerry's daughter is flying in from oregon. she's been a HUGE help to us all year and i can't wait to see her again! she'll also be staying with us. and jerry's youngest son and his wife are coming up from mobile and staying with us. and the minister is staying with us too. that's a pretty full house!

so since jerry and i have basically done all we can do regarding the preparation plans and all for the wedding, we have been lots more calm about things in general. tomorrow i pick up jerry's suit's pants, newly altered and hemmed. my own dress goes in for pressing the week of. next week, we'll order the sugar lay~ons for the cake {his youngest is making our cake, and since we're going with a harvest/autumnal theme, our lay~ons are three different leaves in different colors}. the following week, we'll order the live/real flowers {roses in reds, oranges, and yellow...my jerry'd won a gift certificate from proflowers.com}. then several days before, we'll prepare/grill the chicken and hamburgers. the day before, i'll slice the tomatoes and onions, and prepare the lettuce and such for the hamburgers. hopefully, we can get into the building several days beforehand to decorate and assemble things {like the toast flutes, we plan to use white grape peach juice for the toasts}.

so just in case things get real busy and i don't say it then, let me say it now: i appreciate all you guys helping us out and pulling this all together for us! thanks for sharing in the celebration and being happy for us, that means so much! i've had so much fun planning this, and know that it will be a wonderful day. we're looking forward to seeing everyone and know that we thank you from the depths of our hearts!


  1. WooHoo! Be here before ya know it!

  2. Really wish I could be there to celebrate your special day! Big breath in, let it out slow and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


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