16 October 2009

cool cloudy day, nappage!

my jerry's mama is doing lots better, and then not so good, and then some better and then not too good. she moved from icu to a private room yesterday and seemed so much better when i'd stopped to see her in the afternoon than in the morning, that i felt much better about her prognosis. she needs lots of rest, at this point. so when we were visiting yesterday afternoon, i kept my voice low and any news positive and we just chit~chatted for awhile. it was nice!

my own sleep patterns were messed up, so today i spent much of the day, snuggled with a good book, reading and napping. the lil doggies were huddled up against my upper thighs, butt, and lower back. pearl was under the covers and shaking and shivering as she does when she is deeply terrified of storms. harley was above the covers with his nose so far up his butt, he resembled a warped view of the snake eating his own tail, ya know, only his butt was eating his head {snicker~~poor dude, i pick on him soOOoo much; gotta love the lil horn~dog}.

i didn't venture out of my jammies, let alone get in the car and drive in to visit jerry's mama, today. he did, and had said that she is hurting some, and needs more sleep. so maybe tomorrow, after our running around and moving things {he's borrowing his boss's truck}, but before we head out for dinner; we'll stop and see her for a bit. i don't want to visit too much, cuz she needs her rest, but i know that she likes company too. so it'll be a fine balance.

k, off to get all cozy in my chair with crochet and the tv remote...winks

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  1. Well, here I am, all behind the news again ... but I am beginning to blog once more.

    Sorry to read that Jerry's mom is sick. Do hope she's better soon.


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