18 April 2006

It starts with one...

Today, one little red paper clip...

Tomorrow, a house!!

This dude builds his dream of moving a paper-clip into owning his own home. His name is Kyle MacDonald, a crazy Kanook who is out to do a remarkable thing.  He has already moved up to a year's free rent...

But, wait!  It's not over yet!

Kyle uses CraigList.  One day he thought, "hm, it'd be interesting to see what I can do with this..." while staring at a red paper-clip.  So, he set the goal of owning his own home, through a series of barters, starting with a small ordinary do-dad.

one red paperclip

He posted the picture of the red paper-clip on the CraigList and traded up for a fish-pen.  That was the embarkment on an amazing bartering adventure that has carried him from one place to another, all over the continent.  See what a goal, motivation, and a zestful spirit can accomplish?

For the full details, go here.

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