03 April 2006

Odd couplings

My friend, Beverly, loves boston terriers.  She's had them all her life.  Her Mandy, 3, was run over and killed a few weeks back.  Beverly was just devastated.

Enter Sweet Pea.

Beverly picked up the 6 week pup a couple weeks ago.  She was describing her to me, since we live a few hours away and chances are I won't see the pup while she is still a pup.  I got to giggling, then chuckling, which degenerated into snorts and chortles, which I was glad Beverly couldn't hear.

Cuz Sweet Pea really does sound precious.

It's just, well, her mixed heritage.  I usually am not a snob when it comes to parentage, mixed or otherwise, but this just tickled my fanciful side a bit too much.  I still giggle, gurgle, and gasp at the picture I imagine.

Sweet Pea's mother is a boston terrier.  Now I realize that boston's come in all shapes and sizes, but this was a not a small boston (small for the breed, I mean).  So how in the hell Sweet Pea's dad got him a piece of that boston pie, well, I am picturing perhaps a step being involved, or even a ladder.  Cuz Sweet Pea's dad is a teacup chihuahua.

Dude, tell me you're not snorkling over this and I say you've got no sense of humor a'tall.  nope, none.


  1. that is so cute; would love to see what Sweet Pea looks like. We have a corgi and sometimes in the paper I'll see a corgi mix with some interesting parentage. Gotta wonder what they look like.

    I laughed when I read this


  2. Gigggle we had one of the same mixed breed. Her name was Bridgette. She was the best dog, so ugly she was beautiful. Protective of my grandchildren and the sweetest dog to us. When my hubby had a stroke she stayed by his side for a year until she thought he didn't need protecting anymore.

    Bridgette went to live with the grandchildren when they moved out of our house with out a backward glace because the kidlets needed her more then we did after all. I could go on and on about our Bridgette. Sadly she died of cancer. The vet gave her enough medication so the family could give her one last cuddle and say goodbye. My eldest grandaughter still cries when she see's the video's of our Bridgette.

    Your friend made a wise choice and I hope Sweetpea will give her many years of love, comfort, joy and laughter.



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