03 April 2006

mint-tea, mint-tea, mint-tea

I was reading (cuz i like to do that) about drinking tea (cuz i like to do that, too) whilst drinking mint-tea (cuz i...oh, you get the point).  The article was about how folks who are allergic to pollens might not oughta be drinking certain types of tea because the main ingredients are harvested in areas where hay, ragweed, and other pollens might be comingled.  So, the main culprit appears to be chamomile, but be advised that other primary stuffs like rose-hips (those voluptuously heartee parts) and mints (there are lots more kinds of mints than i had thought, catnip is a mint, didj'all know THAT?) may also be, gulp, contaminated with pesky pollens.

and here i thought mint would be good for opening my sinuses, that chamomile would be wonderful for those edgy nerves (can't be throwing fits ALLlll the time, nor everywhere), and that rose-hips would be good for soothin my throat (or just plain good for all my parts, after all, who can't use a few good rose hips throwing curves at ya every now and then?).  show's ya what i know!

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  1. that was interesting to read. I wonder about green tea?



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